3 Things That Help You Motivate Yourself

Writer: Prof. Chandra Kant
The foremost cause why we procrastinate is as a result of we’re not motivated sufficient. And there isn’t one single issue that determines motivation. On this article we focus on the three elements that affect self motivation.


I do know that I’m purported to do a selected exercise like an project, or examine a e book or write letters. However I are inclined to postpone these indefinitely, citing numerous excuses.

The foremost cause why we procrastinate is as a result of we’re not motivated sufficient. Being a mentor for a bunch of younger proficient college students in a leading MBA college permits me able the place I can see lack of self motivation as one of many largest obstacles in scholar {and professional} life.

And there isn’t one single issue that determines motivation.

Charles Helpful talks about three issues which are required within the motivational calculus.

  1. I ought to know my wants. These might be the necessity for safety, for cash, meals, clothes and shelter, or want for companionship, or want for approval, or a necessity to meet my debt to numerous individuals.
  2. I ought to know the results of which exercise would fulfill these all or a few of these wants.
  3. I ought to have the vitality or the sources (cash, time and so on.) to spend on these actions.

The above are multiplicative. That’s, if any of the three is just not there, I’d not be motivated.

If I have no idea my wants, then no exercise would encourage me.

If I wouldn’t have the vitality or the sources, then I can not end the exercise satisfactorily.

If I have no idea methods to fulfill my wants, then I can’t be motivated.

Subsequently, I’ve to hyperlink the exercise (that I dislike) to a necessity. For instance, if I concern that I’ll fail a course, and subsequently have a have to go it and eliminate my concern, I can hyperlink an project to that want. If I would like the approval of my colleagues, and the distasteful exercise will fulfill that want, then I’ll attempt to do the exercise.

Whether or not I end the exercise or not relies on the sources at hand. If I wouldn’t have the time, or I delayed it a lot that I can not presumably end, then I’m not motivated to do the exercise, even when I do know that the exercise will fulfill a necessity.

The identical precept holds good for motivating others. If I have no idea the wants of one other particular person, I can not provide him an exercise, the results of which might fulfill the wants.

If I do know his wants and I can hyperlink it to an exercise that I need him to do, and I present him with the means and sources (together with coaching) to try this exercise, the particular person will probably be motivated.

Take away any of the three (wants, exercise or sources) and there will probably be no motivation.

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Prof. Chandra Kant, is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and at present, a senior professor at Indus Enterprise Academy, one of many leading MBA colleges of India. He teaches, change administration, enterprise management and Self Administration.