What is Reiki

 What is Reiki:

Reiki a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means (of touch or not touch and from distance), to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.
We all are energy and energy circulate in our body. The human body is approximately 60% water and water is a very good energy conductor, for some reason the health issues mentioned above create blockage (like a short circuit) energy don’t circulate and part of our body start manifesting health issues like the ones mentioned above.
The healing room will have nature videos to help you relax your mind and create positive thinking and positive energy into your life.
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Reiki long distance healing

There are a lot information about Reiki on the internet, testimonials of people that benefited from the Reiki healing energy as well as negative comments from the skeptics many times the skeptics make comments just for the sake of negativity.

What to expect: if you open your mind and have positive thinking you should have GREAT EXPECTATION but don’t expect Reiki to expand your life time, we all come to this world to learn, serve and experience and like the books some of us have many pages (long life 80 + years), others not to many pages and die young other die at their middle age hope you get the point.

There are testimonials of people with cancer and other terrible deceases, that in their last days Reiki practitioners came and channeled the healing energy to them they died but in peace, they found a peace of mind.

how this happen they released the tormenting ideas and thinking why me, why me in one those why me, they, by their own found the answer and peace of mind came with it, after the healing energy was channeled close or at long distance.

In order to channel the healing energy we need your first name or the initials of your fist and last name and city or country where you live, aka. Maria from Aruba or (Joe Smith) JS from Hialeah,Miami..
Please sent your healing request at: reikihealing@i-lovemyself.com
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Ok. now to the point many when the healing energy is channeled will feel a tingling sensation and many won’t feel anything either way the process work, remember the good healing intention is sent, you must have the good intention to receive the healing energy into your body, allowing permission to the Reiki practitioner.

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