Reiki Healing Room

Welcome to Reiki Healing room if you are having health issues, stress, emotional, or any negative condition this is the place to be , fist and foremost it is necessary for you the visitor to understand that the intention of this website is good and if you have any of the issues mentioned above you  must  understand that you posses the good intention to accept and receive the good healing energy that will come to you from a distance.

The Healinh Energy will be channeled 3 times per week

Eva Gordman who had very delicate surgery. God Bless and thank you in advance
Lionel Los Angeles, CA.
S. Guevara Quimurria, Costa Rica
N Gutierrez  Los Angeles, CA.
H Melendez Managua, Nicaragua
A.K  Tokuyama Shi, Japan
J & E Ordonez, Los Angeles, CA.
M.D.B. Los Angeles CA.
Y. Calderon Hollywood CA.
Blyss Ambrose
Nikolaos Tsimoyannis student from Chile critical car accident
O.G.M. Ometepe Island Nicaragua
S.G. Ometepe Island Nicaragua
B Rodriguez Salt Lake city. UT.
O.Benavente San Francisco CA.